Deposit DASHD


DASHD Deposit Address:

Your withdraw address: No withdraw address set. Click on Get deposit address button above to set it.

Masternode collateral: 1000 DASHD

Coins needed for new masternode: 919.21 DASHD

Fee from masternode rewards: 5 %

  • You start earning rewards as soon as you create deposit (If there is at least one masternode running).
  • Masternode rewards get automatically reinvested to your deposit amount.
  • Your deposit will automaticaly show in system after 3 confirmations.
  • Do not mine directly to deposit address.
  • Withdraws are mostly instant, but sometimes when there are multiple payments in queue it can take up to few hours, depending on block time and payments in queue.
  • We take 5 % fee from masternode rewards, which is used for server hosting and masternode managment.
  • Do not send amounts greater than 1000 DASHD, as this service is intended only for users that do not have enough coins for full masternode. Please use masternode hosting if you have enough coins for full masternode.
  • If coin uses PoS system, you will earn PoS rewards while waiting for first masternode to fill and after it's filled.

All Deposits

Total Deposited: 80.78 DASHD
Payment Address Amount Earned Paid Masternode Share Date
DKpAHrE2hyj4qqvACGCNUH1BPq6ESDQ9px 78.70127872 DASHD 0 DASHD 0 DASHD 97.43 % 2019-11-07 18:30:27
DNfjcTYDEAwBX9djjcGTNvCALHcWXyPMC6 2 DASHD 0 DASHD 25 DASHD 2.48 % 2019-11-15 17:34:27
DPjXsJ1bWwDPFzL4AaPpBRtrHAa9BELPMs 0.0795005 DASHD 0 DASHD 0.4 DASHD 0.1 % 2019-11-22 21:44:26

Running Masternodes

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