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Coins to new masternode: 19,799.74 AITRA

AITRA masternode collateral: 20,000 AITRA

Fee from masternode rewards: 1 %

Share System Quick Description
  • You start earning rewards as soon as you make an deposit (If there is at least one masternode running).
  • Masternode rewards get automatically reinvested to your deposit amount.
  • Your deposit will show in system once it reaches 6 confirmations.
  • Do not mine directly to your deposit address, Ihostmn is not responsible any loss of coins while doing so.
  • Withdrawals are mostly instant, sometimes when there are multiple payments in queue it can take from few minutes to few hours, depending on block time and payments in queue.
  • We take 1 % fee from masternode rewards, which is used for server hosting fees and masternode managment.

All Share Deposits

Total deposited: 200.25 AITRA
Withdraw Address Amount Earned Withdrawn Share Date
149.50 AITRA 0.00 AITRA 0.00 AITRA 74.66 % 2020-11-08 10:49:40
50.75 AITRA 0.00 AITRA 0.00 AITRA 25.34 % 2020-11-21 20:11:10

Coins For Sale

Total for sale: 0.00 AITRA
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Active Masternodes

Total masternodes: 1
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