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Coins to new masternode: 262.91 ERS

Total staking rewards: 3,827.40 ERS

ERS masternode collateral: 10,000 ERS

Fee from masternode rewards: 5 %

Share System Quick Description
  • You start earning rewards as soon as you make an deposit (If there is at least one masternode running).
  • Masternode rewards get automatically reinvested to your deposit amount.
  • Your deposit will show in system once it reaches 25 confirmations.
  • Do not mine directly to your deposit address, Ihostmn is not responsible any loss of coins while doing so.
  • We reserve the right to send the coins invested in shared masternodes back to your withdrawal address without any prior notice, because of this make sure that your withdrawal address is always up to date and is preferably address from your local wallet.
  • Deposits under minimal deposit amount are lost, minimal deposit amount is: 1.00000000 ERS
  • Withdrawals are mostly instant, sometimes when there are multiple withdrawals in queue it can take from few minutes to few hours, depending on block time and withdrawals in queue.
  • We take 5 % fee from masternode rewards, which is used for server hosting fees and masternode managment.
  • You will earn PoS rewards while waiting for first masternode to fill and even after it is filled.

All Share Deposits

Total deposited: 4,999,737.08 ERS
Withdrawal Address Amount Earned Share
4,999,737.08 ERS 5,271,470.82 ERS 100 %

Active Masternodes

Total masternodes: 1
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