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Buy Masternode Hosting

Price per month: 1.99€


  • Make sure that you have at least 1.99€ in your account balance, otherwise please top up here.
  • Update your AXEcoin wallet to latest version, otherwise your masternode will not be able to start.
  • Create new receiving address in your coin wallet.
  • Send 1000 AXE to address just created. It must be exactly 1000.
  • Wait for transaction to reach 20 confirmations.
  • Go to wallet debug console and type masternode outputs
  • You will get output similar to this:
    "dd08c83ca895b7202d1cf932feb2df86065ac6de583c0f76651f06aa099b5f41": "1"
  • Copy the data in above input fields. The long string is Transaction ID and the number after it is Transaction Index.
  • Create new receiving address in your coin wallet and copy it to Owner Address field (This address must be unique for each masternode).
  • Create new receiving address in your coin wallet and copy it to Payout Address field (This address can be reused across many masternodes if you want to receive rewards from all masternodes to 1 address).
  • Address that you have entered in Payout Address field has to have balance of at least 0.0001 AXE. If balance of this address is lower than 0.0001 AXE, send some coins to it and wait for few confirmations.
Payout Address: This is where you will receive your masternode rewards. You can use one address for multiple masternodes.
Owner Address: Using this address you will be able to change info about masternode. Must be unique for each masternode.