Buy Masternode Hosting

Price per month: 0.99€


Tutorial video explaining masternode setup:

  • Make sure that you have at least 0.99€ in your account balance, otherwise you can fund your account balance here.
  • Update your Touriva wallet to latest version, otherwise your masternode will not be able to start.
  • Create new address in your coin wallet.
  • Send 500 TOUR to address just created. It must be exactly 500.
  • Wait for transaction to reach 15 confirmations.
  • Go to wallet debug console and type masternode outputs , some coins also use getmasternodeoutputs
  • You will get output similar to this:
    "dd08c83ca895b7202d1cf932feb2df86065ac6de583c0f76651f06aa099b5f41": "1"
  • Copy the data in above form. The long string is Transaction ID and the number after it is Transaction Index.