Platform Closed

Unfortunately, I had to shut down the platform as I became involved in some high-tech criminal activity, which forced me to take action.

We started a platform as a side project when I (Romeo) and a coworker (Damjan) worked together at an company, we decided to resign from that job when the earnings from this platform could support our lives. He was in charge of marketing and public relations, and I was responsible for technical aspects like software development, server maintenance, and support requests. We ran the company with just the two of us, hiring people through our Discord channel or locally whenever we needed extra help. However, we faced many difficulties in the beginning, struggling to make ends meet and pay our rent.

After two years, the situation improved, with Bitcoin rewards halving, prices rising, and our business quadrupling. Despite my lack of experience, we managed to keep the platform running, but there were still some issues with the software that I struggled to fix, as we couldn't afford to hire an experienced programmer. However, the situation stabilized after a few months, and our programs became stable enough for us to relax.

Over the next two years, our net profit soared to almost €200k per month. This motivated us to develop new systems like a crypto exchange, coin statistics, and an API. Since the profit was so high, I have decided to give some of the money to my close family members to enjoy, the sum ended comming close to €100k. Throughout this time of our company going from struggling to highly profitable I have noticed that as time went by more and more people started laughing when I went by in the shopping malls, on the street... At first, I ignored this since I thought, I was wearing something strange or there was something else wrong with my look or someone mistook me for someone else, but after a while, it became apparent that there was a serious issue.

One day, I went to my family's holiday home to relax in nature. After unpacking my things from the car, I decided to go for a quick jog. The path I took first led me around 200 meters away from the home, then it circled back to about 50 meters from the home, and then it continued past the home itself. When I was at the part nearest the home, I heard someone near the house, so I quickly ran through the bushes to see who it was. It turned out to be two unknown individuals who quickly started running away when they saw me. I chased them for a while, but as they had their car situated about 500 meters from our home, they got in and quickly drove away.

After this experience, I decided I should move to another city or town, which I did in about 2 weeks, nothing interesting happened during this time. This was my first time staying in a standalone house before I always stayed in apartments, the first two weeks in the house were relatively calm, so I could again focus on doing some work on the platform, riding my motorcycle, and other hobbies.

The issue that started then was pretty strange, it seemed like there were always people around the house making fun of me and they seemed to know everything I was doing/watching on my PC, television, phone, and every other piece of electronic hardware I had in my possession. Not knowing the extent of the issue I quickly packed the things there and moved to my family holiday home where after a few days the same issue started again. Knowing this was not going to be easy to get rid of I tried the easiest things like a factory reset of my phone and tablet PCs, which did not help, the voices still knew exactly what I was typing and listening to. During this time another thing started happening, which at first did not give much attention to either, a lot of the things started clicking for no reason, even the walls, floors, and ceilings. But again I thought, hey, the home was not so new so it could have a few loose boards somewhere that would expand and contract, and things like monitors and other things that clicked always click when you touch them or move them. After a month or so an ever stranger issue started, and the clicking moved even into my body, the way I knew the clicking was not natural, was whenever there was a click in the wall or any other object it was immediately followed by a click in the body.

Even though it was obvious to me that the clicks in the body were not natural I still thought I might have some weird physical condition or it might be an unknown side effect of a medicine (Roaccutane) I was using and was using since a month before moving to the standalone house.

The issues then escalated even more, these voices that were present before, now started repeating my thoughts. This according to my search on Google was completely impossible at the time, keep in mind that the delay between my thinking and the voices speaking was milliseconds. I searched for some time and found a report someone in India wrote who had seeming same issue I have now, it mentioned military-grade neural weapons, and remote neural monitoring, which could do this without even being in the target body, by just decoding brain waves and sending modulated waves back to the brain as a sort of command which the brain would then respond to. I am including this report at the bottom of the page so you can view it for yourself.

This answered all of my questions, according to this the attackers could do anything they wanted with my body, they could for example beam voices directly to the brain, they can read thoughts, manipulate dreams, and so on. Nonetheless it was scary to read and even scarier to experience it in real life.

The technology also mentioned in the report is “EEG Heterodyning“, which explains the voices that were making fun of me while I was staying in the standalone house and at my family holiday home, it is a technology when people are speaking in the vicinity it makes it look like they are speaking about you, making fun of you even if they are speaking about a completely another subject.

The harmful effects mentioned in the report are physical health, peace of mind, career, social credibility, family, and other relationships, all of which I also suffer from.

This is the reason I have decided I should close this platform and try to tackle these issues without constantly having to think of users’ funds/coins being lost, this is also the reason the shared masternode system was closed in a hurry 6 months ago, quickly followed by termination of work contract with my "friend" that I started the company with since it became apparent that he was behind this, keep in mind that this started happening when our company was at its best, when the struggle stopped and we could do anything that we wanted. Additionally I also noticed there was an partnership happening between my coworker and my close family members also as I mentioned before I gifted my family nearly €100k. Now that money is gone, they are again at a point where they are watching exactly how much they are spending to be able to afford it and I must say I never saw a thing that they bought with the gifted money, unless...

I have noticed that the whole region in Slovenia is equipped with mind reading and speaker devices. Keep this in mind when visiting "Goriška" region in slovenia, if you are wealthy you might be next... The way I usually determine if the person is in this "business":
-they drive any kind of fast car, usually just fast not necesarily expensive or luxurious, some of the cars I remember are (grey) Škoda Octava RS, Ford Focus RS, (grey) VW Sciroco, for 2 of these 3 I even know the licence plate, I saw them so many times
-when in public places they stare at you, say nothing and laugh like people in mental hospitals do, I mean everybody does this sometimes but at least I always explain the reason for the laughter
-when around them, shopping or doing some other stuff, they always have something offensive to say about you even if you can still hear them
-only males are installing these things in the houses and other private properties, females mostly act as a means to spread the word around

Connecting all of the points together, they need fast cars because they are installing hardware into peoples houses/apartments when they are not at home. The time window where victims are out might be small so they need to be there as soon as possible, they make you feel like you are worthless and no matter what you do, they are above you, watching you.

From the latest findings I can also say that some of the things they are using are based on the Robert Malech patent for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves(View patent), since jamming some of the frequencies helps me to concentrate on other things than the voices, so I can at least get all the necesary things done in the apartment and on the PC. Ofc. there must be all sorts of things already installed by now, since this is going on for a few years now and once it is installed it is not possible to prevent any more being installed since they are literaly reading your thoughts, the only way would be I guess to leave everything here and start an new life somewhere else on the world.

You may wonder how I know that it is not satellite-based or a psychological condition. Whenever I visit a new store or place for the first time, I do not hear any voices. However, when I visit the same place for the second or third time, the voices appear. I have gotten used to the thoughts repeating and the voices making fun of everything I do, as this started two years ago. These voices can be heard anywhere, whether I am at home or any place I visit, pretty much 24/7. I would clasify this as the worst types of criminal on this world (apart from the physical torture), you are stuck with this things, you literaly haven't got a second where you can relax or think for yourself without the voices judging what you do and trash talk. Normal interraction with anyone is impossible since everyone is aware that you will eventualy have to commit suicide and they know that they can do / say anything they want. Commiting suicide would also be hard, since they would most likely come and save you just for the fun of it. So to recap, you are stuck with this torture devices, you can not live, you can not die.

I have also found an video explaining in detail all of the things mentioned in the report: